Massage gun/compression boots: You might think of massage guns and compression boots as solely recovery devices, but this is not the case. Both of these modalities help to increase circulation and can take the place of or be used in addition to foam rolling for warming up. The food you eat before your workout will be the fuel your body utilizes to propel yourself throughout your hard intervals. It is critical to give to yourself the necessary nutrients. While the exact nutritional requirements will be contingent on your own body and the workout ahead, it’s likely that for cycling you’ll want to eat something high in easily digestible carbohydrates. While your body can utilize fat at lower intensities, carbohydrates are utilized by your body at higher intensities when your heart additional reading rate and breathing rates are elevated. In fact, exercise that exceeds approximately 65 percent of an individual’s Vo2 Max will generally be fueled primarily by carbohydrates1. This is one reason that pancakes and waffles have been widely popularized by some of the world’s best cyclists. To make sure you feel your best, it’s usually recommended to eat your meal 3-4 hours before your big workout or race.



“It was like fire, huge flames coming out and then they tried to water it,” she said. “It goes down and then it goes up again. It’s up and down again.” The blaze forced Berkeley Fire to call in help from other departments, and it took hours to douse the flames. Some surrounding apartments and buildings were evacuated. “There is still active fire deep in the middle of the building that makes it difficult for us to get to,” said Keith May of the Berkeley Fire Department. He said inspectors are coming to asses the buildings on both sides of the one that burned. “So there is water damage to that building, especially to that apartment complex, and we want to make sure that it is safe for firefighting efforts and also for the public before we will allow them back,” May said. The Red Cross said it helped 21 people with hotels. It appears other developments, including an affordable housing project, were not impacted. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.